Raising healthy Children

Waiting for a child with another

After Jade I really miss, sometimes we call, we also went once for dinner and a movie, but "baby" was still among us, even if we avoid that topic.

And then everything changed. I was with my friend to celebrate her birthday and I met Melos.

Become A Muscle Builder

A little wine was enough and I fell in love. We started dating, he is alone, divorced and without children.

A hold to a child's desire

In a year it will be 40 years and said it is high time that you have not enjoyed in good health. I was eating out of his hand, and when I her misery with her husband, suggested that the child do together. And I agreed.

 We dated for two months (since I Jade said the colleague leaving, moving away, but I braced Melos) and I got pregnant. Once it was clear jade I said that I have a friend with whom I am with child, and I want a divorce.

And from that day began carousel.

Jade calls me daily, persuades, let him come back, that cannot be without me, that he does not mind that she is pregnant with another man. Feel free to raise him, give him my name, he will be a great dad, but for God's sake let him leaving.

Melos all this secret

 It's a terrible situation, if I had to choose only between I would not expect anything and ran home to her husband.