Plastic surgery in the United States

The greatest interest is in the United States on plastic lids. Traveling behind the Germans

Last year, in the offices of American plastic surgeons most interested in eyelid surgery, leads women and men. Do come and Czech medical tourists, mostly foreigners heading our way to the operating room from neighboring Germany?

It results from the survey portal Plastic-Surgery between 44 info Czech plastic surgeons.

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 In addition to German clients (64% of the surveyed physicians be taken care of) going under the knife Czech doctors also British (57%) and Austrians (45%)

From the results it is evident that some doctors to foreign patients directly targeted. "

For half a Czech plastic surgeons foreign clientele represents only a negligible percentage of patients, while 18% of physicians stated that operates more foreign than domestic patients.

 On average, the clientele from abroad 18% of patients, most often from wealthier European countries, "said executive Plastic Portal - Hilbert.

One third of the patients want another breast

In the offices of plastic surgeons headed mainly people aged 31-50 years and a total of more women (82%) than men.

Women and men are both most interested in eyelid surgery.

Women also followed in the rankings following breast augmentation, liposuction and breast lift. More than a third of all procedures performed on women is concentrated on the chest. Less common procedures include treatment of nose, face-lift and abdominal pasty (tummy tuck).